Moth infestation control

For many textile, fabric and clothing companies, a moth infestation can have serious implications for the bottom line and reputation of your business. With the help of our industry leading moth control services however, you can cleanse your facilities of these problem insects and protect the quality of your stock from their harmful effects.

With over decades of experience in providing industry leading pest control solutions to businesses across Chicago Land, we’re best placed to identify and treat even the most extensive of moth infestations.


Moth prevention, deterrent and treatment services

Although moths can feel like a ‘necessary evil’ for many businesses, in some market sectors they can prove a real threat to the profitability of operations. Moth larvae can feed off a range of materials ranging from common clothes and fabrics, all the way through to leather and even food – meaning that the scope of business types at risk is vast.

All of our technicians are certified and work to the highest levels of industry safety and environmental compliance. Drawing on a range of intelligent solutions, our teams offer a bespoke proposition to solve all of your moth control needs on a national level. Some of the features of our moth control service include:

–    An in-depth assessment of your estate and facilities, identifying key problem areas and infestation hot spots
–    A moth control treatment process tailored to the species of moth infesting your premises and the scale of the problem
–    A series of intelligent and eco-friendly sprays and fumigants for high-impact moth removal
–    Working closely alongside your business to consult on future moth prevention means where possible


We use intelligent technologies to help remove moth infestations of all sizes

If you’ve noticed irregular holes in textiles, a range of small larvae-like creatures or adult moths crawling along the floor, this could be a tell-tale sign that you’re experiencing a moth infestation.

Here at Promax pest control, we offer discreet, efficient and effective treatment services. Don’t run the risk of potential damage to your business or stock – contact us today to see how we can eradicate your moth problem.

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